Young people, protagonists of their time, their spaces

The European Digital Citizenship Day arises to promote digital education all over Europe. It is a day desired by young people to talk about an often underestimated part of their everyday life: the digital.

During the week of October 16-22th, 2023, schools, families and companies will be able to participate in free activities and educational events focused on Education and Digital Citizenship.

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About us

We want to change how we look at and deal with the risks of the internet

The Digital Ethical Movement is a non profit organization born in Italy in 2018. It’s purpose is to build, expand and develop a national and international network of projects that have as a plan to develop new forms of behaviors in the digital area. Those according to our movement have to be based on an ethical, critical and non violent attitude.

Only in the last year, we have reached more than 30.000 people in the schools, between students and parents, to shed light on the web's potentialities and raise awareness of its risks.

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About the event

Dialogue and education for and with young people: the first European network toward digital education

We will ask young people to participate actively and share with us their way of experiencing the internet. We will involve young people in our activities - both academic and out-of-school - and we will start a conversation to let them tell us how they feel, how they are living through this delicate historical time, and what the internet meant for them.

This initiative aims to belong to a serene educational virality, aware and competent on the topic of education and digital citizenship.

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Which activities will take place during the week?

More than 50 free meetings with Social Warning in Italian schools

Live streaming on Twitch on October 20th with the ambassadors and more than 2000 students

2023 data publication of the Scientific Observatory on the topic of digital citizenship

Partners of the initiative